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Google Flights

How Google Flights can Help Travellers

Here are  tips on how Google Flights can be of help to all  categories of travellers:


Search it 

The first three tips are purely for those of you who plan every aspect of your trip. From start to finish, from departure to arrival, from food to staying. Searching on Google for the trip you wanna undertake and on which dates you plan to leave are all you need to input. The search engine will take care of the rest.



Customize your results

Just like many other travel sites, Google Flights brings your search results across available airlines operating and the lowest prices are always the first results. You choose the time you want to depart and arrive at your destination.




If you plan to make multiple stops on your way, the tool also allows you to add the flights and stops. In this case, however, searching tickets for a large group gets difficult.

Flexible travel

The following tips are for those who want to save big on their trip yet enjoy their time. First and foremost, be flexible to decide on your location. You need to keep multiple options open. Certain locations have multiple airports, and Google will also search for the best options available in every locality.

Notify me

With ‘Save Itinerary’ you can be sure to get updates of flight charges. You can save the destination you want to travel to and get all the details in the future too.
Map it

if you’re a person who doesn’t care about the place, time and cost. Then you can use the map view that Google has conveniently added to the service. You can browse the cities you love, see what’s special about the city and check out the flight prices. If you want to make arrangements for staying, it gives you the available options at hotels too.


Let Google decide

So you want to be more adventurous than you already are. Just hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button and Google just might make your next trip the most memorable.

Destination plans

If you just need to visit a place but have no clue about you need to experience there, you can use the template of the destinations with many of the prime tourist spots and the activities there.


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