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How Google Flights can Help Travellers
Google Flights

Here are  tips on how Google Flights can be of help to all  categories of travellers:   Search it  The first three tips are purely for those of you who plan every aspect of your trip. From start to finish, from departure to arrival, from food to staying. Searching on Google for the trip you […]

Myths about European train travel demystified
European Train Travel

Here are five myths about rail passes in Europe.   1. It’s almost always cheaper to get a rail pass than a bunch of tickets. Not necessarily. You basically have to sit down, look at a map and your schedule, and cost out your trip. If you’re just planning on taking a few train journeys, […]

Turkey Sank An Entire Airbus Jet To Attract Tourists

Turkey has sunk small planes off its coast to create artificial reefs before, but on Saturday it went big — A300 Airbus jet big — in its latest move to generate diving tourism.   Authorities sunk the 177-foot-long plane into water near the Kuşadası resort in Aydin province to nestle the jet roughly 75 feet under […]

10 types of travel you should experience
summer holiday in spain

Each time we travel we redefine our definition of what fuels our wanderlust, and if that definition constantly changes, all the better. Here are ten types of journey for the well-rounded traveller. It’s never too late to tick another off the list, and remember, you can’t knock it until you try it.   1. Solo travel […]

“Adventure must start with running away from home” --- William Bolitho